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Arrogant iPhone users or dedicated Android users?

Mäta känslor i ett användartest – hur och varförandroid-appleA company’s apps were tested, one app for Android and one for iPhone. Both apps are very similar both in features, design and function.

When recruiting users for the UX tests 40 Android users and 50 iPhone users – who in the past two months have provided feedback in respective app – were contacted. Both groups received identical e-mails with the information that I wanted to ask a few questions about the app but needed their phone number – they had only provided the e-mail address on the feedback form.

A strange phenomenon occurred. The number of Android users that responded to the e-mail was significantly higher than the number of iPhone users. 22 (or 55%) of Android users and 6 (or 12%) of iPhone users replied and sent their phone number, willing to be interviewed.
Although it is not a high enough number to be statistically significant, there was a noticeable difference in response rate. Why are Android users more engaged, eager to participate and provide feedback? Unfortunately, I have no clear answer. I do however have a few guesses:
• It has something to do with that Android attracts more Open Source users who are more eager to share.
• The selection of apps is smaller for Android, so you are more concerned about ensuring the quality of those that do exist.
• Android is more of a newcomer on the market, so you feel more like part of a community.

Anyone else have a theory? Please share!

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