About me

I have long and solid experience in service design, business design, digital innovation, design strategy, UX and customer insights and working customer-centric in the public sector, finance, telecom, health and energy.

I am passionate about creating a good customer and user experience and getting result. By applying both qualitative and quantitative methods gaining insights increase customer engagement and build user-friendly products spanning several channels – building a relationship between the user and the product. New ideas, tools and ways of working keep digital innovation fun.

For an up to date CV, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Here is also an article from EVRY:

Stuff I’m proud of:

S k i l l s e t

  • Service design
  • Business design
  • Design strategy
  • Digital innovation

  • Customer insights

  • User research
  • Interaction design

  • User testing, focus groups and interviews

  • Personas, target group analysis and customer segmentation

  • Market research and analysis

C o n t a c t

If there is anything I can do to help you, feel free to contact me, with the exception of Nigerian bankers, offers of enlarging or reducing my body parts and mind-altering chemicals. For the rest of you, here is my contact info:

Facebook: facebook.com/malin.fabbri
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/malinfabbri

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