Stuff I’m proud of

KillarnaMy two wild ones
Maximillian and Ruben.
Now 9 and 11 years old.



I wrote a how-to-book on a photographic process called Cyanotypes
The cyanotype is often the first alternative process that people try. It is relatively easy and safe enough to nurture even a child’s interest in photography. It can also be seen as a gateway to further exploration of historic photographic methods, and gives experienced photographers a great excuse to take their eyes off the computer screen and get their hands dirty. Blueprint to cyanotypes is one of the top 250 sellers on Lulu – amongst 520 000 titles.


I was the editor of a coffee table book of inspirational photographs
Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I highlights the work of over 100 of today’s most active photographers working with alternative processes. It explores how the different processes create a unique look in a print, and get an insight into how the processes function. This coffee table book is amongst the top 500 seller of over – with sales peaking around Christmas.


I wrote another how-to-book on how to take pinhole photographs
From pinhole to print will guide you from drilling your first pinhole to printing your first pinhole photograph. It is an easy to read, step-by-step guide to making a pinhole camera and creating images. It is one of the top sellers on pinholes on Lulu.


My latest (maybe last) book describes a totally environmentally friendly photographic process
Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants will show you how it is possible to print photographs using nothing but juice extracted from the petals of flowers, the peel from fruits and pigments from plants. It is one of the top sellers on Lulu.


I am the founder and editor of the world leading website in alternative photographic processes
As a result of the research for my thesis from my Master’s course I started The website has evolved into the world’s leading information site for alternative photographic processes with over 80 000 unique visitors each month. The 500 how-to articles are the hub of the website and the 500 artists in the galleries are the heart. The CRM strategy is a personal approach in the community, where users share their experience always connecting back to the website and the marketing is 99% viral.  I still actively manage the expansion of the website, and – like the internet – it is constantly evolving.


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  1. Are actually to be proud of ….
    congratulations on . It is a great reference.
    Always consult and recommend …
    big hug

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