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Success rate assessment – test of specific flows and functions on a website

Success rate assessments are a good way to identify flows that work well or badly on a website. It is also good to know why you assess the website. Do you want to know how you are progressing in a project, or are you planning on making changes if the results go down?

The purpose of the assessments

The purpose of the Success rate assessment is to see how well a workflow or function on a website is working. How many of the users could finish a task without problem and how was their experience whilst doing so? And finally, how satisfied were they with the experience?

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Better websites

Quality assessment: Measuring specific experiences of a website

Apart from a SUS (System Usability Scale) assessment – which is an established method of measuring usability – there are several other assessments that can be used for a website.

The SUS assessment is a good method for measuring the users experience of a website and how they grade the usability of a system, but it does not give any indications to what can be improved or where the users get stuck. A quality assessment can give you more values. Now, we’re still talking about experiences of a website, and not specific tasks or paths a user will take though a website, we are measuring the feeling associated with the system. Before you start you should also have a good reason for measuring and a plan for how to treat or act on the result.

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