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Don’t move my stuff! Reaction to change AND when to measure usability

Systems, websites and apps get old. They need to be updated. New functionality or a new user flows may be a result of this. Some users like – or at least tolerate – change. But, some users find it very upsetting, on the verge of a crisis when you “move their stuff”. To measure usability in the middle of a crisis would not give a fair result to the new system.

First a little about the emotional journey of the user. The emotional curve a user goes though when they get upset because you update their favourite website can be the same curve as when having a personal crisis. Though, the feelings are not as deep, hurtful and painful, they still follow the same pattern.

Information needed during a changeThere are ways to handle this – usually with information. And that is the right kind of information at the right time.
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Quick guide to consumer insights – how, when and where should you use what?

There are 4 types of consumer insights – very simplified. You can do user tests and interview users to find out how they think, or use eye tracking to see what the user sees, take a look in Google analytics to see what the user does or ask users to fill in a questionnaire to see what they say. All methods are good and fill a purpose, but most of the time it is more effective to use several methods in combination. You can use:

user-thinksUser tests – what the user thinks

User tests or user interviews work very well before a project start to feed into the project brief. It can also be used to generate ideas with the user, or during the course of a project to test solutions in the shape of wire frames – does the user understand how to navigate through and how did they experience the process? It can also be used at the end of a project to verify the final solution to see if it answers to the user’s goal.

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Success rate mätning – test av specifika flöden och funktioner på en hemsida

I brist på ett bättre ord på svenska (förslag mottages gärna!) kallas den här mätningen Success rate mätning.

Det är ett bra sätt att identifiera flöden som fungerar bra eller dåligt på en hemsida. Det är ju också viktigt att veta varför man mäter. Vill man bara veta hur det har gått, eller planerar man att göra förändringar om resultatet går ner?

Mätningens syfte

Syftet med en Success rate mätning är att avgöra hur väl en funktion eller ett flöde fungerar. Hur stor del av användarna lyckas utföra en uppgift utan problem och hur var upplevelsen. Vi pratar alltså om måluppfyllnad och tillfredsställelse.

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