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Don’t move my stuff! Reaction to change AND when to measure usability

Systems, websites and apps get old. They need to be updated. New functionality or a new user flows may be a result of this. Some users like – or at least tolerate – change. But, some users find it very upsetting, on the verge of a crisis when you “move their stuff”. To measure usability in the middle of a crisis would not give a fair result to the new system.

First a little about the emotional journey of the user. The emotional curve a user goes though when they get upset because you update their favourite website can be the same curve as when having a personal crisis. Though, the feelings are not as deep, hurtful and painful, they still follow the same pattern.

Information needed during a changeThere are ways to handle this – usually with information. And that is the right kind of information at the right time.
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